A variety of beautiful handmade gifts and products are made here at Ytri Bægisá.  We use the materials that the farm or the nature give us.  Our favourite is wool from our sheep, which is used to make felt slippers, bags, pot stands, cushions, and other items.  We also have homemade soap which is made from tallow and Icelandic herbs.  Our jams are made from the abundant berries which grow around the farm.

Elisabeth also makes use of old clothes by recycling them into soft toys.

All our homemade products are marked with our logo. Some are maybe wondering where this logo came from and what it means. Here is a short explanation:
From the times of the first settlements, cuts have been made on the ears of the new born lambs. This enables each farmer to identify his sheep from the others at the round up in the autumn. These earmarks have often been in the family for generations and preserved as an heirloom. Sheep have always been raised at Ytri Bægisá 2 and our earmark is “cut at the front, notch at the back” on the right ear and left ear “uncut “. Therefore, we decided to have this mark, not only on our sheep, but on all our products on the farm.